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Pregnancy Week 37 on the blog,

Week 37

It’s getting real, you guys. 3 weeks from the due date (yes I know that due dates are just a guess and that Vi will come whenever she wants…I know, but I’ve been given a schedule and this is how my brain deals with it) and my brain and heart are about to explode.     Sleep – is frequently… Read more →

Week 30

The real countdown has begun! We only have ten weeks left before Vi is meant to make an appearance. This absolutely blows my mind. I know some people are going to think “cool it, you’ve got ten weeks, that’s like forever”, but do you remember things like going to camp for a week and it only feeling like three days?… Read more →

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Week 29

Here we go again!       Energy – is lacking. I spent all of yesterday out shopping and really should have taken it a bit slower, but we did manage to accomplish a great deal. Now today I feel hungover without having had any alcohol even though I’ve been chugging my herbal infusions and water since I woke at… Read more →

Week 28

Things are getting pretty serious over here in the old Edwards-Burke household. We are 28 weeks into these shenanigans and so far it’s going pretty well.     Aches/Pains – I’ve got them. Recently my spine between my shoulders has started rearranging itself during my slumber which means waking up is hard to do even if my mind is ready.… Read more →