Teething – Release The Kraken!

We’ve gone through a lot the last few months, NICU, colic, moving states…and now teething. It’s inevitable, babies get teeth, but boy do I feel bad for her. There have been a couple of nights where she wakes up crying and most nights she wakes enough to hit me with her tiny hand and wake me. We have harder evenings and more middle of the night feedings lately, but We have found a handful of things that help.


  1. Teething Oil
    Specifically Punkin Butt Teething Oil. The reviews on this are mixed, but my sister had vouched for it so I decided to give it a try. We have been using it for about two weeks now and I believe it has helped. It seems to give her some relief for a few minutes so that she can calm down. I can tell that she’s still irritable about her teeth, but she doesn’t continue to lose her mind about it. This is especially helpful in the evening when we are trying to get her to sleep. This product has essential oils in it, but it is very diluted so I didn’t have a problem with the idea. Overall, very useful and I’d recommend.
  2. Teething Toy
    Or chew toy, as I’ve been calling it. There are a blue million of these things on the market, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that tickles your fancy. I chose one that is basically a wooden ring with a small towel tied around it. More specifically the cloth is organic and the ring is untreated hardwood. It took a few days of playing with it, but Violet loves it. She’s able to hold onto the ring and get it into her mouth with pretty decent accuracy now. She’ll have nothing to do with the cloth, but the ring is gold. I keep hoping she’ll love the cloth bit because I think it would be nice on her gums, but maybe that will come later. She also has a rubber one that’s super cute and squeaks!


  3. Distraction
    When she’s having a fussy night we will rub some oil on her gums and throw her in the bath tub (not really, I hold her in there so that she can kick her feet and splash water all over the place while I wipe her scalp so she doesn’t get cradle cap…mom life).

    Take a walk outside. The fresh air helps to calm her down.When Poppy (my Dad) is holding her and she fusses he lifts her up over his head. She instantly quiets down. The problem with this is that your arms are bound to get tired.



  4. Feed Her
    So long as she isn’t too crazy, feeding her helps her go to sleep.
  5. Baltic Amber Necklace
    I can tell a difference between days that I’ve forgotten to put this on her and ones when she’s wearing it. Some people don’t believe they work, but I’m all for them. Baltic amber has succinic acid in it that has been known to ease minor pain. The idea is that body heat helps release the acid and is absorbed into baby’s skin. Just remember to remove the necklace before they sleep.



One thing I’ve noticed is that they don’t start teething and then have pain every single day. The pain seems to come in waves of a couple evenings or days and then goes away for a few days. It’s not like after a few days of pain a tooth pops out…that would be too easy.


Well, that’s it for now. Violet has no signs of a tooth popping through yet, so this is our lives at the moment. If I come up with anything else I will let you know. Thanks for stopping by!

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