Five Must-Haves For Eating Out With Baby – Baby Led Weaning

For the last two and a half months food has consumed me. What do I make? How do I cut it so she can pick it up? How do I let her eat out of the house without destroying the area? I decided I needed a game plan for what to do when we are out of the house because a baby’s gotta eat! It took a bit of trial and error, but I’ve settled on my five must-haves for eating out with my babe.




  1. Bib
    This is obvious, but not specific enough when you realize just how many types of bibs there are out there. You have bibdanas for catching slobber, cloth ones with a waterproof back, etc. However, for eating I prefer a silicone bib with a pocket. Below is the one that Violet uses and it is perfect! It goes in enough at the top that it doesn’t hinder shoulder movement (very important for slender babies), it’s rigid enough that the pocket stays open and catches all the food bits, plus it has a cute necklace molded onto it!   DSC_4611
  2. Lunch Box
    I labored over which lunch box to choose because I wanted either glass or steel and those are expensive so I needed to choose well the first time. I am pleased to announce that I am 100% happy with my choice! I went with the Lunch Bots steel bento with three compartments. This thing is great because it’s plenty big enough to carry Violet’s food, but I can see how I could continue to use it as she grows. I also love the three compartments because three is a magic number (holler at me in the comments if you know that reference!).  I’m a huge fan of reducing and reusing, so this is just one of those things I feel accomplishes that.  IMG_2476
  3. Place Mat
    I’ll be honest, I never cared for place mats, what a waste of time and space…so I thought. Along came this silicone mat and boy is it useful! Babies are messy no matter how you choose to feed them and this mat allows me to keep the cleanup to a minimum while I’m out. Plus there’s no bowl or plate to throw and you aren’t putting their food onto an unclean surface. Some of these mats come with suctions cups, but I haven’t seen a need for them. I just roll this up, throw it in the diaper bag, and go.                    DSC_4608
  4. A Wet Cloth
    This is a very important part of the eating process because you won’t always have access to water even if you carry a cloth, so I carry a small wet bag with a damp wash cloth to wipe her down (plus I can wipe down the area if need be).    DSC_4614
  5. Utensils
    Duh, but really it is hard to find a good spoon! Most are way too deep and some are too shallow (Yeah, Goldylocks, I know), but this style from Munchkin is pretty great. My kid has a smaller mouth, so loading up this spoon is about all she can handle at once so it’s perfect.   DSC_4616  DSC_4617

I could have included a sippy cup, but I haven’t found one that I feel is holy grail so I’ll leave you with five items. Thanks for stopping by, let me know in the comments what feeding items you can’t live without!

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